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My Musical Career| Part Sixty

.The Transition – from the Oslo Philharmonic to the Des Moines Metro Opera….. June 1998…. With the final glorious chords of the finale of Bruckner’s Eighth Symphony resounding in my ears, I stood behind the Hinger timpani on the stage of the Oslo Konserthus with the orchestra accepting the applause of an appreciative audience for …

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My Musical Career | Part Fifty-Nine

On the job at last!

The Year 1998 – The last Six Months with the Oslo Philharmonic We now come to the last six months of my tenure with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. To recap, my wife and I made the decision to move our family back to the United States at the end of 1996, and the actual move …

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My Musical Career I Part Fifty-eight

The Year 1997 – Some Afterthoughts Wow! Three long blog posts to describe my musical comings and goings as well as those of the Oslo Philharmonic in the year 1997! Until I started with Part One, I did not realize how musically busy that year was! On top of making the decision to move the …

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My Musical Career – Part Fifty-seven

The Year 1997 – The Penultimate Year – Part Three When I started this blog post, I anticipated one long post, but not overly long. As I wrote what turned out to be Part One, and checked my resources – journal entries and concert programs – I realized that there would have to be a …

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My Musical Career – Part Fifty-Six


The Year 1997 – the Penultimate Year – Part Two Author’s note: I had intended to put all of this into one blog post, but in reviewing my journal entries for the year 1997, I realized that since that was an extremely eventful year, the post would have been very, very, long. So here is …

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My Musical Career – Part Fifty-five

The Year 1997 The Penultimate Year – Part One I call 1997 the penultimate year for a very good reason – this was my next-to-last-season as timpanist of the Oslo Philharmonic. I had been in the position since September of 1983 and while we enjoyed our situation in Oslo – indeed it was and remained …

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My Musical Career – Part Fifty-four

Great Wall

The Year 1996 – Continued The return of Mariss….and an Epic Tour 1996’s fall season got off to a great start with a late summer Festival Tour to London, Edinburgh and Lucerne. Due to Mariss Jansons’ continued recuperation, the tour and associated concerts was conducted by Manfred Honeck, who was soon to be appointed principal …

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My Musical Career – Part Fifty-Three

Usher Hall, Edinburgh

The Year 1996- Continued My last blog post dealt mainly with the events of April 1996 – the experimental recording session at Lommedalen church – and the events leading up to Mariss Jansons’s heart attack near the conclusion of the first of two concert performances of La Boheme. As I mentioned in that post, we …

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My Musical Career – Part Fifty-Two

Mariss Jansons

The Year 1996 – Continued An omission I was reminded by a former colleague of mine who perused the last blog post that I had omitted mention of the concerts that the orchestra performed during the Spring of 1996 under the direction of Marek Janowski. Normally, I am very good with remembering these things, and …

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My Musical Career – Part Fifty-One

Oslo Philharmonic Onstage

The Year 1996 Well, I have come to the year 1996, and I am happy to say that I will have much less trouble in giving a more detailed account of this year as I have it fairly well documented. 1996 was a very busy year for the orchestra and myself musically, even it was …

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