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My Musical Career| Part Fourteen

Albany Palace Theater

My Musical Career | Part Fourteen From New England to Albany – 1977 In my previous blog post, I talked about my experiences with the Vermont Symphony and Dartmouth College. In looking back over these experiences, I remember these as a most fruitful period of my early musical career, and it turned out to be …

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My Musical Career | Part Thirteen

Hand Tuned Timpani

  My Musical Career | Part Thirteen   New York Interlude – 1975 -77 After graduating from Manhattan School of Music with my Master’s degree in June 1975, I remained in New York City for a period of two years. I had been living away from my parent’s home in Yorktown Heights, New York since …

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My Musical Career | Part Twelve

Maestro George Schick

Final College Years My Musical Career | Part Twelve The years 1972 through 1975 comprised my final years at Manhattan School of Music. My senior year was 1973 -74, and I elected to do a one-year Master’s program during the 1974-75 school year. MSM was offering this one-year program, and it seemed like a good …

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Timpani|Light Timpani

Metropolitan B timpano

Timpani|Light timpani My first encounters with Light timpani came in my first lessons with Mr. Hinger during my sophomore year at Manhattan School of Music. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, Dan had his teaching studio at his home in Leonia, New Jersey. His students were required to take the subway and …

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