May 2015 archive

May 31

My Musical Career | Part Twenty-One

In rehearsal

  My Musical Career Part Twenty-One   The Evansville Years – Part Three Owensboro The other major part of the consortium position was that of timpanist of the Owensboro Symphony Orchestra. Owensboro, Kentucky is located about forty miles east of Evansville, on the west bank of the Ohio River. Home to Brescia College and several …

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May 15

My Musical Career | Part Twenty

Wheeler Concert Hall

My Musical Career | Part Twenty The Evansville Years – Part Two “The Fourth Piece of the Puzzle” In my previous blog post, I described my new position (or positions) in Evansville and Owensboro, with only a little blurb about the fourth part of the puzzle. This was what was called an “Artist-In-Residence” position, and …

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May 02

My Musical Career | Part Nineteen


  My Musical Career|Part Nineteen   The Evansville Years – Part One Late September and early October can be gloomy and rainy, and it certainly was the day I left Albany aboard that Greyhound bus bound for Evansville, Indiana. I had just closed out a most enjoyable three year period of my life, one in …

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May 02

My Musical Career | Part Eighteen

Greyhound Bus

  My Musical Career|Part Eighteen   Leaving Albany My three years in Albany as timpanist with the Albany Symphony, Berkshire Symphony and Lake George Opera were most fulfilling. I had the opportunity to do a bit of conducting and program presenting with the Albany Little Symphony, as well as personally familiarize myself with some superb …

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