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Feb 10

The EMI Recordings- 1987-1997 | Part Five


  The EMI Recordings- 1987-1997|Part Five The year 1990 Bartok and Sibelius   In my last blog post, My Musical Career | Part Thirty-Nine, I wrote a little about our recordings for the year 1990, but confined myself to a broader overview of the happenings of that particular season. In this blog post, I can …

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Jan 21

The EMI Recordings- 1987-1997 | Part Four

Respighi, Ravel and Dukas 1989

The EMI Recordings- 1987-1997|Part Four The year 1989 By the beginning of the year 1989, the Oslo Philharmonic and Mariss Jansons had finished six recordings for EMI. This averaged out to three recordings per season. The year 1989 was to be a little different. It would turn out that we would make two recordings for …

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Sep 23

The EMI Recordings 1987-1997| Part Three

Dvorak's New World Symphon

  The EMI Recordings 1987-1997| Part Threww     Pokofiev –Mussorgsky –Dvorak   The previous two blog posts in this particular series were devotes to the first three recordings that we made for EMI – namely our Tchaikovsky 1812/Romeo/Francesca recording, which was the first in the series, followed in quick succession by the Shostakovich Fifth …

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Nov 06

A Blast from the Past | Part Two

Oslo Philharmonic Onstage

A Blast from the Past| Part Two Stravinsky and Strauss Since my last post, I have been going through the video archive of the NRK that feature the Oslo Philharmonic of my era (1983 -1998) and was able to come up with several that were of more than passing interest to me. The archive included …

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Nov 01

A Blast from The Past | Viewing Concert Videos from the Past

Oslo Konserthus

A Blast from the Past| Viewing Concert Videos from the Past The Back Story During my fifteen or so years with the Oslo Philharmonic, part of each season was devoted to making radio and TV recordings for the Norsk Riks Kringkasting (Norwegian Radio and Television Broadcasting – NRK for short) as part of the government …

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Sep 18

My Musical Career | Part Thirty-Four

The Maestro and His Pupils

The Year 1987 – I begin to use calf heads As I mentioned in the last three blog posts, the year 1987 was a pivotal year for both the Oslo Philharmonic and for me. 1987 saw the emergence of the orchestra onto the international music scene through its tours to Italy and Spain in the …

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Mar 20

The EMI Recordings 1987|Part Two

Shostakovich 5th

The EMI Recordings 1987| Part Two Shostakovich and Svendsen In the previous post, The EMI recordings 1987|Part One, I wrote about how the OPO and Mariss made the transition from recording for Chandos to recording for EMI and wrote in some detail about our first EMI recording, an album of Tchaikovsky favorites, 1812 Overture, Romeo …

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Feb 20

The EMI Recordings|1987-1997| Part One

Tchaikovsky 1812

  The EMI Recordings | 1987-97|Part One In my previous blog posts devoted to the recording activities of the Oslo Philharmonic during my tenure, I concentrated, naturally enough, on the recordings we made for Chandos Records LTD, of Colchester, England. These consisted of the complete symphonies of Tchaikovsky, the 9th Symphony of Anton Bruckner, and …

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Jan 31

Recording with the OPO|The Other Chandos Recordings…

Brucker Ninth

  Bruckner’s Ninth I have written in detail about the Oslo Philharmonic’s recordings of the Tchaikovsky symphonies, which were eventually released on the Chandos label during the 1980s. They still stand the test of time, and sound as fresh as they day we recorded them. They were supposed to lead to a much more open-ended …

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Dec 23

Recording the Tchaikovsky Symphonies | Part Seven

Tchaikovsky: Manfred Symphony

  Recording The Tchaikovsky Symphonies | Part Seven   “Manfred” Symphony, op. 58 You will recall from the last blog post that we re-recorded the “Pathetique” Symphony in the late fall of 1986, after having put it on tape the previous August. The reason for this was that our chief conductor Mariss Jansons felt that …

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