November 2014 archive

My Musical Career|Part Nine

Aspen, Colorado

My Musical Career | Part Nine In my previous blogposts, I wrote quite a bit about Fred D. Hinger, my main percussion instructor and mentor and some of the experiences I had with him at the school. I had four good years working under his tutelage – including a summer at Aspen, Colorado. This was …

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My Instruments|Chain and Cable-Tuned Timpani

Stotz-anheier 23 inch

My Instruments|Chain and Cable-Tuned Timpani I have played on pedal-tuned timpani for most of my career, which now spans a forty-year period and have always enjoyed the experience. However, whenever I have had the chance to play on timpani that were either hand-tuned, or equipped with an Anheier-like cable system or a chain system such …

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