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My Instruments | Part Two

Astro LT

  My Instruments – Part Two   In my previous post, I talked about the Light Mark XI timpani, which I use as my primary instruments. In this post, I’ll talk about what I call my secondary instruments, which I use for church gigs and pops concerts, as well as for the times when there …

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My Instruments |Part One

Mark XIs - 2002

¬† My Instruments – Part¬† One Over the course of my musical life, I have used many different types of timpani. Most of these have been of the pedal-tuned type, but I have had some experience with the hand-tuned as well as cable or chained tuned timpani as well. For the purposes of this post …

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The Timpani

Sticks and Coins

The Timpani Most musicians know what the timpani are, and so do many people, but I still get questions from quite a few, especially from those who are not familiar with classical music and young people who have not had exposure to the instruments of the orchestra. So, that being the case, I think that …

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